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ANGSL Launch New Website

Marketing Presentations 

ANGSL launch new website

By David Munaga posted June 18, 2019

ANGSL has been evolving over the years to improve member services. One of the major steps the board and management has taken is the move to put in place a modern revamped website that is informative and easy to use on any device. The website was designed and implemented by a local SME, with the aim to allow trouble-free local maintenance. In doing so, ANGSL is providing an avenue that encourages local SMEs in PNG.

Members now have the conveniance of downloading any business form in PDF format directly from the website, then fill it out and drop it at the ANGSL head office located at Ori Lavi Haus Boroko or email it from outer ports.

The next step for the website is to enable members to login from any location to check balances and also be able to apply for loans or make amendments to savings accounts.

Picture: ANGSL staff and management

Marketing Presentations

By David Munaga posted June 18, 2019

In today’s ever-changing financial environment, Societies in PNG continue to thrive despite the fierce competition from the big banking institutions and ongoing regulatory challenges. The contributing success of the Societies evolves around the customer experience and great services in which the big Bank’s don’t provide. Whilst many don’t know about Air Niugini Savings & Loan Society, one main focus in growing the Society in accordance with the SBP 2019-2023 is growing membership by way of presentations and showcasing the Society’s products and services, the benefits and rewards.

A number of organizations have responded positively as they can see the benefits of their staff being able to save their hard earned cash in various savings accounts, could get loans to meet unplanned activities, having a life medical scheme to get refunds on the medical bills and also benefit from membership discounts from ANSLS business partners.

The Society’s CEO Mr. David Munaga conducted a presentation upon invitation by Air Niugini at the Ground Operations & ASEC Security Conference in May 2019 at the Lamana Hotel. This was an eye opener for the out port Manager’s whom expressed interest in the Society’s products and services noting the focus and theme “Savings for your future” so that members can save for all their personal needs now and for the future plans A good turn out and strong interest was noted in the benefits to the members.

The Society is always ready to do its free marketing presentations, financial literacy or counselling at any organization and can be contacted on 3259229 or email [email protected] for more information.

Picture: PX Ground Operations Presentation